Christopher Angulo

I have extensive experience in the silversmith's trade, of more than thirty years, which I acquired mainly from the hand of my father and teacher "Paco Angulo" -renowned goldsmith from Lucentino-. And although my professional activity has been developed by making silverware works that ended in the trousseau and artistic heritage of different public and religious institutions, my passion for chiseling as an artisanal technique always led me in my leisure time to make "fashion accessories" to family and friends.

Both passions: craftsmanship and fashion came together definitively during the last pandemic resulting in this new business model, which is now launched, which I have called "Baroque elegance" and in which we are putting all our illusion the "family team" that we form, where my son "Amador Angulo" It is emerging as a guarantee of the future in the eventual Generational Change.

Thank you for your interest.

Christopher Angulo

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