The Chiseled

"They are jewels with soul", "they are jewels different from everything I had seen before", are some of the phrases that people who have already seen our chiseled jewels tell us up close.

And we are not surprised, because soul and passion is what we put in, first drawing and then modeling blow by blow the sheet of metal (silver, brass or copper) with unique tools (chisels), forged by hand over three generations of artisans.

The final result is, therefore, that of pieces that enclose the soul of the craftsman who chiseled them, the soul of the craftsman who forged the tool (the chisel) and that served as a brush to model, texture and give life to a smooth and inert metal sheet.

Chiseled It is the artisanal technique used in our "chiseled jewels" and through it you can connect with our Cultural legacy, with our Artistic tradition and of course with a way of proceeding and relating to the environment which has always been in this trade of silverware very rigorous: that of the total recovery of materials and therefore a ZERO value in waste generation.

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